Introducing iGraveCare

Launching iGraveCare, an innovative socially important distant grave care service that lets you search and maintain graves with the assistance of modern technology. Your memories will keep the deceased people alive while iGraveCare will do all the technical job. With iGraveCare, you remain assured that the graves of your family, friends, or other people you care about are kept in the right way even when you’re not around. From now on, you don’t need to worry if you can’t make it to come to the grave of your grandpa or grandma to honor the day they passed away. The service provides the distant grave maintenance, giving you that important feeling of being there. Both standard and individual services are provided. For now,  the iGraveCare coverage includes Israel (600+ cemeteries), Armenia (800+ cemeteries) and Ukraine (now only Kyiv city; other regions are to come soon).

Use iGraveCare to transform your memories into efficient care!

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