Radonica is considered the most important memorial day of the year

rog-01.jpgThe Day of Rejoicing is believed to be the most important memorial day of the year. In 2018, it falls on the 17th of April – in 9 days after the Easter. Many people also call it the Farewell Day (Provody) or the Coffin Day (Grobki). An important tradition of this day is visiting and cleaning the graves of the loved ones. It’s necessary to clean up the final resting place of a closed one, give a funeral repast for him or her, so re-creating his or her image. It doesn’t matter how far away you live – grave care in Armenia, Israel, Ukraine and Moscow now can be made remotely. You can resolve this sensitive issue in just some clicks. iGraveCareapp provides an international service, grave repairing and cleaning right from your phone

Though the Memory Day is on Tuesday, there is a strong tradition to hold the Day of Rejoicing on Saturday or Sunday – a couple of days earlier. On this day, it is customary to have a family get together and have commemoration on the cemetery. The tradition to share sweets, painted eggs and Easter cakes is also associated with the Rejoicing Day: it was customary to give alms to the poor in order to implore the forgiveness for the dead relatives’ sins through charitable acts. The tradition of the funeral feast has the same roots: these feasts gathered the rich and the poor round the festive board, where they shared everything they had. This is the prototype of the perfect funeral feast when everyone brings what he or she can, and everyone is equal. That is why if you see someone walking from one grave to another in search of the left food – don’t be angry. They have the right for doing so, according to the ancient Christian tradition. Instead, give them something if you can.
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