First Cleaning

If you order a grave cleaning at our site for the first time, the first thing we need to do is to detect the location of the grave. On many major cemeteries, it is necessary to refer to the archival data or to the keeper in order to find the grave. If a cemetery is not big, a walk-over of the area by our agent will be enough. In any case, we ask our customers to tick off an approximate location of the grave on the map. After finding the grave, our agent estimates its technical condition and does the cleaning. You get a photo report with the results. For all the following orders, the data of the grave location and photo reports with the results will be stored in your personal account.

To make an order, choose the location and the cemetery from our database, fill in the name and the surname of the deceased, as well as the month and the year of his or her death. Your order will be processed within 7 calendar days. If there is no the needed location or cemetery in our database, send your inquiry to We’ll do everything we can to help you.

Video instruction

€ 69
Armenia, Ukraine, Russia
€ 99